Hi, I’m Emma Louise

Intuitive Healer and Medium.

By uncovering beliefs, traumas and energy stored in the body, we connect to your soul purpose and the life you were created to live.

“Everything is energetic and physical. Once you shift your energy, you will shift your life.”

Here’s how I can help you ….

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Get clear intuitive guidance on where your soul is and what blocks are currently in your way of living the life you were created to live.

Want to start meditating but have no clue how to start? These quick meditations are perfect for you!

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Internal Connection Meditation The EMpowered Life

Hello beautiful souls!! This meditation was created to connect to your internal self.  Remember, nothing external defines you.   _ Ready to understand and protect your energy? get on the waitlist! https://emmaatkins.com/energetic-protection-course/ __ Ready to live your most EMpowered Life? https://emmaatkins.com/workwithme/ Whats new on The EMpowered Life? https://emmaatkins.com/132-2/  
  1. Internal Connection Meditation
  2. Tune up Meditation
  3. Third Eye and Crown Chakra Meditation
  4. Throat Chakra Meditation
  5. Heart Chakra Meditation

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