Energy Update from source energy

Hello Beautiful Soul! There is a lot happening with the collective and I want to share what my guides and angels are sharing with me about the energy now. (02.01.2021 -02.07.2021) Be mindful of distractions. The only time that is real is right now. There could be delays this week or it could feel likeContinue reading “Energy Update from source energy”

The Great Conjunction

If you don’t already know here is the gist of what is happening right now in the universe!! On a astrological level/ Saturn the planet that rules responsibility and limitation will be in .1 degree of Jupiter the planet that rules expansion and abundance This only happens every 400 years! Today and the next tenContinue reading “The Great Conjunction”

How to use Libra season to your advantage.

Hi beauties!! Get ready for an energy shift LIBRA SEASON STARTS TOMORROW! New season means NEW intentions and energy. After leo and virgo season, libra season flows in at the perfect time. With Leo season the energy is all about play and having FUN. Virgo season reminds us to get real and clear out theContinue reading “How to use Libra season to your advantage.”