Re-connect to your heart.

Hello beautiful soul, Full transparency here, This past week I have felt every single emotion possible. With the full moon and a new month here all the energy came in HOT. I felt happiness, freedom, self love, abundant and I also felt very sad, blocked and confused. All in the same week, even day! I’mContinue reading “Re-connect to your heart.”

It is all in our energy.

How can you actually be happy now? Because at the end of the day, that is what life is all about. You may have heard before that what you focus on you create more of. Well the same thing goes for happiness, it is all in our energy. If you focus on what isn’t makingContinue reading “It is all in our energy.”

Top Manifestation Tip!!

If you really want something right now, this is for you. this works for anything!! Relationships, careers, money … literally anything The more you WANT it, the more you are actually pushing it away. When your energy is in a stage of wanting something, you are putting out the energy that you don’t have enough.Continue reading “Top Manifestation Tip!!”

Feeling scared? Do it anyway!

Feeling scared isn’t a bad thing! If anything its an amazing feeling to have. But Why? because that means your soul is ready to take that next step. Big or small that doesn’t matter. What matters is that what you are feeling is your soul speaking to you! How does feeling scared mean my soulContinue reading “Feeling scared? Do it anyway!”

How to tap in to your inner guidance

Hi beautiful soul, Today I’m sharing how to start tapping into your own intuitive guidance and how doing this can change your life. Opening up your own intuitive gifts is like having your own GPS system. You are taking away the guessing game and wondering if it was the “right” decision. You begin to removeContinue reading “How to tap in to your inner guidance”