of course it would happen!

Hello Beautiful Souls!! I want to share a topic that can feel hard at first but will change your life. Instead of saying, “That probably won’t happen” or “That would be nice BUT.” “That could never happen for me” or “That’s just not my story.” what if we said “OF COURSE.” or “When this happens”Continue reading “of course it would happen!”

Because the guessing game gets tiring.

Hello beautiful soul!! Ever have to make a decision and you are just like gahh I DON’T KNOW!? or get that indecisiveness and overwhelming feeling of “is this the right choice?” I was probably that most indecisive person you’d ever meet. I was constantly worried and over thinking. and always always always in my head.Continue reading “Because the guessing game gets tiring.”

your thoughts are your story.

Hi Beautiful Souls!! If you are following me, you may have seen me talk about energy and how it is EVERYTHING. (watch my youtube video for more on that) Our thoughts are everything. They control our life more than anything. The good news is. They are OUR thoughts which means we have the power toContinue reading “your thoughts are your story.”

Every single day. Every single second. You have the power to change your life.

Hello beautiful souls!! A lot of us wait for a certain time or sign to start or change. In today’s post I talk all about shifting that perspective. Every single day. Every single second. You have the power to change your life. You decide how you want your life to go. You don’t need aContinue reading “Every single day. Every single second. You have the power to change your life.”

what are you choosing?

Hello beautiful souls!! This is a question I ask myself daily, “what are you choosing?” because every single thing in our lives we are choosing. We may not see that now but if you think about it, we are. We are choosing to stay in a career we may not like, we are choosing toContinue reading “what are you choosing?”

what is your normal?

Hi beautiful souls! This past week I have been faced with a lot of healing from the past and I asked my guides why this was all coming up now. What is the lesson and how can I grow from this? I kept hearing over and over again, “how are you feeling?” Then they saidContinue reading “what is your normal?”

How to use Libra season to your advantage.

Hi beauties!! Get ready for an energy shift LIBRA SEASON STARTS TOMORROW! New season means NEW intentions and energy. After leo and virgo season, libra season flows in at the perfect time. With Leo season the energy is all about play and having FUN. Virgo season reminds us to get real and clear out theContinue reading “How to use Libra season to your advantage.”

You can do it all.

Hi Beauty!! If you are reading this, I have a feeling we are similar. Maybe you have felt like you HAVE to only be one thing in life. You have to go after one career or you have to act one way. For some people that is great BUT That isn’t how to universe madeContinue reading “You can do it all.”

Own what makes you, YOU.

Hi Beauty!! I’m sure I’m not alone in this…. Over my life I have tried to fit in or do things that I thought would make people love me and accept me. I shut down parts of myself I thought people wouldn’t like. I kept my true feelings to myself. and in the process ofContinue reading “Own what makes you, YOU.”

Being real with yourself, means feeling every single emotion you have.

Hi beauty!! Idk about you but I used to think I could only be positive or have “good vibes only” allllllll the time if I wanted to be successful or happy! Being real with yourself, means feeling every single emotion you have. Even if it is considered a “negative” one. I tried this for aContinue reading “Being real with yourself, means feeling every single emotion you have.”