Body Reads

The most powerful tool we have is our body.

Our bodies carry us, support us, hold on to all our memories, thoughts and emotions, block painful memories to protect us and most importantly they speak to us.

They hold our true self, our wisdom and send us messages daily.

We are so deeply loved by the universe that they want us to be living our soul’s deepest desires. If we aren’t the body gets louder, never as a punishment.. the louder it gets it’s because your mission is needed.

If you aren’t living your soul’s purpose, you will feel extremely unfulfilled, lost, overly tired, sick and more.

Before I learned how to understand my physical body, I felt powerless, unfulfilled, lost, struggling everyday with anxiety, my depression took over me, I was always sick and felt like a waste of space.

I saw the direct correlation to the physical body and our soul’s purpose.Just as I felt powerless to my body, I also felt powerless in my life.

So I began to think back to “is my body speaking to me?” 

I started to rewire my brain and choose myself.  I began to see how life is happening for me. I began listening to my body. And now, I am here to help guide you through this. 

I know what it feels like to feel powerless. I know what it feels like to be lost and feel alone. I know what it feels like to want to give up.

 I also know what it feels like on the other side and I want you to know if I can get there, so can you. 

What to expect:

One hour

Understand what your body is saying to you, get to the root cause, see how the spiritual meanings apply to your life, get clear direction and release the patterns.

Learn how to start using your body as a tool to guide you.

Plus an energetic healing.

Investment: $111

(After you book we will set up the time.)

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